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Strike FC Volunteer Information

Strike FC Wisconsin relies heavily on the volunteer services of coaches, parents, families and friends to provide the best possible soccer program for all the youth involved. Our volunteer program requires each player's family to donate a total of 6 hours of volunteer service. Volunteer service can be completed through a variety of activities including concession stand workers, coaching, field striping, tournament support, fundraiser activities, etc. All families must make a $110 volunteer fee deposit upon registration. When families have completed the required 6 hours of volunteer service, the volunteer form must be filled out and submitted for a refund. If families do not fulfill the required 6 hours of volunteer service, their volunteer deposits are not refunded. Strike FC Wisconsin would much rather have families volunteer their time rather than donate the monetary funds. Strike FC Wisconsin would like to thank all volunteers in advance for their support!!

Current Volunteer Opportunities

Strike FC Concession Sign Ups

For the Fall of 2020 we will not be having concessions due to the current situation.  We are hoping that we will be able reopen come the Spring of 2021.  

Field Painting Directions


If you are signing up to paint fields at any of the locations please try to paint them towards the middle or end of the week so lines are fresh for games on the weekends.

For codes to access the equipment to stripe fields contact Scott Asher at 

Thank you,

Strike FC