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Sponsorship Program

Sponsor Strike FC

Strike FC Wisconsin strives to keep our costs low for our membership, however in order to maintain the organization, we have yearly fees to play soccer within the organization. These fees, while still lower than most organizations of our caliber and size, can make playing the beautiful game difficult for a family with multiple children in the sport or those who have fallen on hard times.

Sponsors will know that their money goes directly towards
keeping these costs as low as possible, and potentially
eliminating certain costs that the organization has that
are passed on to the player. By doing this, sponsors will be
aiding Strike FC Wisconsin in their mission to provide the
sport of soccer for every child that wishes to play it.

If you or your company are interested in sponsoring Strike FC please contact our Executive Director.

Thank you! 

Scott Asher

Scott Asher

Executive Director

Strike FC Wisconsin is proud to partner with the following sponsors: