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Strike FC at Home Training

Strike FC -At Home Training

How do we stay connected while we are away? What can you do to keep up with your touch and your fitness while our teams aren’t training?

We are here for you!!!!!!

Below you will find things you can do to keep going on your own, we have something for everyone and lots of choices. It’s up to you, do the most you can.


Goalkeeper Training Manual-At Home.docx

Speed & Agility

Footwork Set Up: 

Ladder Drills: 

Cone Drills: 

Speed Training: 

Train Yourself Series: 


  • The goal is to accomplish 5 of these options during the 7 day week (2 off days) 

  • You can not do an odd (or even) number back to back days. The days have to alternate with an odd and even number for each days exercise








-1/2 MILE JOG          - 15 minutes of hill sprints                        -10 minutes of core

- 2-3 mile run               -15 minutes of technical ball work

YOGA!                        - Find a video on YouTube and get 20-30 minutes of work in . Beginner

3 mile run               -1 mile easy jog   -1 mile hard - 1 mile easy jog

- 15-20 minute technical ball work      -10 minute core work

-2-3 mile run, adding short sprints in sections



Faster Footwork: 

First Touch: 

Individual Skills: 

Footwork Program:

All Programs have been suspended until further notice

March 13, 2020

As we continue to learn more and work towards the best situations for our members, Strike FC will be suspending all programs as of this morning. We will continue to communicate with you and keep you informed and will let you know when we will resume our programs. At this point in time we encourage everyone to be safe and smart and use the advice that is being given as we work to control the impact of Covid 19/Coronavirus. 

Strike FC

Strike FC Futsal Madness Cancellation and Baseline Information

In light of the ongoing situation with Covid 19/Coronavirus we have taken the decision to cancel the Futsal Madness tournament this weekend. 


Email Communication

Many of the Strike FC email addresses previously used by club have not been receiving messages.  Please use the new email addresses below for each individual:  

Strike FC Family Account Update Your Account Information

If you need to update mailing addresses, phone numbers, or emails, we have two systems we use.  One is called Demosphere.  Demosphere is our State Soccer Association Database for ALL families.  You should update any information in here.

Our other system we use is GotSoccer.  That system is used for Academy and Select Registrations along with any Camps.  To log in and update information in that system go to:   (players and families login) 

2020 Senior Scholarship

Each year Strike FC rewards our graduating seniors who have shown leadership and excellence not only within the game of soccer but, also in their schools and communities with the opportunity to receive a scholarship. The scholarship committee at Strike FC is pleased to announce we are now accepting applications for the class of 2020. Applications will be accepted until April 15, 2020. Follow the link below to the application and return it by mail to the address provided or email it to:  

If you have any questions, please, contact Scott Asher. 

Scholarship Committee, Strike FC Wisconsin

Summer Camps

Volunteer Opportunities

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